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Here's the preview of Extreme Rush Book 1: The Atlantia Talisman. This is only the first part of chapter one.




As the curtain of morning light ate the shadows of night from the forest, David Rush and Daniel Rush slept.

David and Daniel were two brothers. They also were professors, and would have a university degree… if they’d ever gone to school to collect it. But just because they did not go to school, it didn’t mean that they were dumb or stupid. In fact, the Rush children were smarter than an average university student. Their parents, who had exceeded in school, had taught them almost everything they knew. David was eleven, while Daniel was eight. Daniel and David lived their lives as adventurers from the start. Their parents were adventurers, too, but the evil Snakehead minions of the Baron captured them. Together, David and Daniel searched for them, while accidentally stumbling into another adventure. Each of these adventures gave the brothers a piece of jewelry thousands of years old, that would fit perfectly in the slots of an ancient stone wheel the brothers’ mother had entrusted to them before being taken away.

David was a very calm guy, who mostly liked to use his wits to get out of things, but would fight hard if he must, while Daniel would rush into a fight. Maybe that is the reason why he got the nickname Speedy. David and Speedy lived deep in the forest, craving adventure, and fighting off evil creatures like the half human Snakeheads, the poisonous Fishheads, and the humans belonging to the Baron, like Gary Hathel, a sneaky rival of the Rush family. Unlike David and Speedy, he was an adult that tried to steal everything the Rush brothers collected.

David was short for his age (like his mother), extremely skinny and light (last time he checked on his portable scale, he was 62 pounds), with short, brown hair, calm brown eyes, and always tried to keep a smile on his face. Speedy was normal size for his age (like his dad), normal weight for a kid like himself, with fairly long, blonde hair, excited hazel eyes, and kept a sizable grin on his tanned face.

Right now, they were asleep in their beige tent that could be folded down in seconds, one of the many incredible features of their campsite. Next to the tent was a fire pit, with charred, blackened twigs littering it’s insides. Inside the tent was a portable shower, a backpack, a shoulder bag (or satchel), a revolver, a sub-machine gun, two sleeping bags, and inside those were the unconscious, snoring boys.

A Fishhead quietly slithered into the tent. Fishheads had the body of a snake, except their heads looked like those of a fish (a goldfish, to be exact). Fishheads could inject a poison that would make you fall unconscious for a few minutes. They also were great scouts… if you had one of the Baron’s communicators to translate their language with. And Gary Hathel owned one. And he used it once the Fishhead came out of the tent. He was on a mission to stop David and Speedy, assigned by the Baron.

  Gary was a tall man, in his thirties, wearing a plain yellow polo T-shirt, baggy, blue jeans, and had a thick belt with a pistol holster on it wrapped around the line between the third quarter of his shirt and the fourth. He had thick, dirty blonde hair, darting, hawklike eyes, a big nose, and a mouth like a razor.

He crept into the tent, reached for the shoulder bag, and… heard the click of a pistol loading. Gary threw his dirty hands into the moist air.

He turned around too see David Rush standing, looking down at the fiend, and holding his pistol at him.

Gary chuckled. “That is a revolver, my young friend. It only has six shots. Six shots can’t kill me.”

David bared his teeth at him. “One, not your friend, villain. Two, what makes you say I only have six shots? And three, I’m not going to kill you! I’m gonna destroy you!”

Gary’s grin suddenly fell to a frightened frown.

David’s finger squeezed the trigger…

And the sound of a firearm firing rang throughout the whole forest. - BY JR

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Book 2 short preview:


         Blood cascaded down David Rush’s body. He spat it, he breathed it, and he smelt it. It was everywhere.

            The Baron, who had formerly introduced himself to David and his younger brother, Speedy, as Barry Rush, their uncle, stood over him. Barry caught the boys when they came to Full Moon City to save the city. Then he had tortured them. Their friends, the Atlantians named Shilly-Mer, Damu-Mer, and Kijin-Mer, were nowhere to be found.

            The Atlantians were like mermaids. Or, at least they were, until the came out of the water. When they were on land, they would grow legs and feet. Shilly-Mer, who was eight (the same age as David’s brother speedy), had recently become Speedy’s girlfriend, or neo-mate in Atlantian. Shilly had brown hair (like David), but her hair had golden streaks in it. Damu and Kijin, Shilly’s two sisters, had blonde hair. Damu was six, and Kijin was three.

            David whirled and kicked the Baron. Barry fell to the ground and smashed his head. Blood on the ground stained it red. David leaped up, his hands tied behind his back, and ran down the damp, dimly lit corridor in search for his brother.

            He used his mouth to untie the bindings around his hands, and then he untied his feet. He raced down the corridor until he found a large metal door. He kicked the door open, and found a truly horrifying sight.

            The limp bodies of David’s brother, Speedy, and the limp body of another of their friends, Dimidium Vir (nicknamed Dimvir) the Faun (a.k.a. Enemy Archer), dripped blood from where they hung from their hands. They were unmoving, eyes closed, mouths dripping blood. Gary Hathel, and enemy of the Rush brothers, stood next to them, grinning. The sunlight shone on his face, but having the scar he got a few months ago from a vampire made him look more menacing then he really was.

            “Oh, hello, David,” he said in a voice that sounded like his nose was stuffed.

            Then Beld the Centaur burst into the room. “Release the children, werewolf,” he boomed.

            “Make me,” snarled Hathel. Gary’s bones cracked, and in seconds, he was a seven-foot-tall, silver-furred, wolf-headed werewolf. His neck was covered in a glistening mane of grey fur, and his wolf nose was gigantic, like a black rubber baseball. Beld the Centaur magically pulled a sword with a blade almost as long as Speedy out of a tiny sheath that was strapped to his below-the-waist horse body.

            “Prepare to die,” said Beld.

            Beld leapt upwards on his hind legs, and kicked Gary’s wolf face with his two flailing front legs. The werewolf staggered back, and then raised a huge paw to attack. Just before he could deliver a blow, the ground collapsed under its feet, and Gary was gone, crashing a huge hole through many floors of the building they were in.

            A faint laugh came from Speedy. “That always happens to him,” said Speedy.